On Line Shamrock Solitaire


Egyptian Shamrock Solitaire  v.1.0

Egyptian Shamrocks Solitaire is a classic pile based solitaire card game like Cruel, or La Belle Lucie. It has an interesting rule that prevents you from putting more than 3 cards on any given pile. It lets you build piles up or down ignoring suit

On-line TV tuner  v.2.2

Using On-line TV tuner, watch online TV and radio channels live on your computer. It offers a huge collection of over 1000 quality Online TV and Radio stations streaming from all over the world.


ORS - On-line Resource Scheduler  v.3.8.1

ORS (On-line Resource Scheduler) is a full featured web interface for scheduling resources (aircraft, boats, rooms, time-shares) by members of an organization.

PHP Photobook On-line Photoalbum  v.0.5.5

This on-line photoalbum works out-of-the-box (no database needed, safe-mode-safe, minimal setup) and focuses on the presentation of the photos.

Skid On-Line  v.4

Skid On-Line is a web based open source version of the original Skid software used by Humanist Movement

Small on-line translator  v.0.1

This is a small perl command-line script that translates among several languages, using on-line web translators.

On Line Timer

This software calculates and shows (in real time) how much time is left on your Internet account. When You are off-line you will see current time. If You move mouse over program window You will see available Time on Your Internet

Shamrock Solitaire

A moderately difficult solitaire that requires a satisfying balance of skill and luck to win. The deck is dealt in seventeen groups of three overlapping cards, plus one card by itself. The aim is to release the aces and build each one up to king. Careful

OmniHelp tripane on-line help viewer  v.10

OmniHelp is a cross-platform, browser-independent, tri-pane help viewer built in pure JavaScript and CSS with HTML 4.

On-Line Java Games  v.1.0

A collection of puzzle and board games.

Ultima On-Line Tools  v.1.0

An attempt to collect (read rewrite) a set of tools for Ultima Online game playing.


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